Business law

Business law is another focus of our legal work. We provide comprehensive legal advice and individual approach to our customers.

International Business Law

Transnational business transactions are more complex than the national ones. That is why they require an overall assessment of the design of the international agreements on trade and distribution. In order to offer international support, our law firm is in close cooperation with international legal offices in several countries. In addition, we are ready to assist you in your business both in Greece and in Germany.


Our team can provide our clients with assistance in the field of insolvency, more specifically, in relation to insolvency proceedings against Bulgarian companies, including regarding the redemption of the assets of traders in insolvency.

We offer assistance to our clients with respect to: negotiations prior to declaring insolvency; initiation of insolvency proceedings; all kinds of judicial actions on behalf of or against the trader in insolvency; representation of creditors in insolvency proceedings; drawing up of recovery plans, including support during their implementation; agreements with the creditors; collection and distribution of revenues from the liquidation of the bankruptcy estate.