Registration of companies


The main and underlying step in the implementation of your business plan on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria is to register a business company of the capital kind. At first sight and after a brief review of the multitude of advertisements, the registration of a company seems to be not very complex or time-consuming work but in fact this is a very responsible and serious activity, which should not be underestimated or performed by a person who does not possess the necessary legal knowledge. In all cases, a legal entity should originate with the assistance of an experienced lawyer specialized in the field of Business Law. WE WOULD ADVISE YOU TO TURN TO US!

The drawing up of the documents necessary for achieving your goal, that is, the registration of a company, is a complex process which we are completely prepared to undertake and complete. After we discuss your desire concerning the model and type of company you wish to incorporate, we will proceed to preparing the necessary documents. These documents are to be signed personally by you. In the process of signing the documents we will be always next to you and our representative will accompany you during your visit to the Notary Public’s office to make the required certifications, and after that to a bank institution in order to deposit the company capital.

In about 4 to 5 days you will already be the owner of a business company, which is ready to implement the next stages of its preparation.